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About Us

Our Corporate Goals

As a leading provider of consulting services, our charter is to help businesses be more successful in their growth efforts. This ensures that our clients maintain an advantage by utilizing tools and services to simplify and maximize their efforts to provide their products and services to global clients.

To achieve our mission, we provide products and services that are easy to use but functional. The services must also be efficient by utilizing the strengths of our client’s products and services to their maximum capability. Since Planetary Growth’s past experience includes growing previous companies into more than 82 countries, we develop products and services that take advantage of the capabilities of our client’s expertise in the products they provide, while offering our assistance to build a global market in an economical manner.

Dedication to, and expertise in applying this expertise has resulted in several previous companies built by the owners of Planetary Growth. Our vision and understanding of our client’s needs continues to expand the demand for our products and services.

Corporate history

Planetary Growth is a North American company that is privately held. The owners of the company have over 50 years experience in building successful companies that have built a global presence.

As we’ve been assisting clients in building companies, we found we were attracting new customers at an impressive rate. However, we soon realized it was not just our expertise that kept customers coming back. More and more, customers are commenting on the superior service we offer while many said it was a determining factor in causing them to utilize our services.

Our natural inclination to provide courteous, prompt and knowledgeable support service is actually a feature demanded by the market. It is this inclination that has given, and continues to give us a noticeable and profitable advantage over our competitors.

Our Legacy Modernization Practice

Planetary Growth also specializes in providing services that enable its customers to migrate to the latest Web technologies. Our partnership with legacy modernization technology companies ensures that we provide best of breed software to clients. Planetary Growth also takes pride in being “customer centric” and we work carefully with our clients to determine their requirements and the technologies that are best suited to their needs.

Other core business conducted by Planetary Growth includes:

  • Specialists in porting legacy applications to Web technology
  • Assessments of project scope and project planning
  • Education consulting and on-going support provider for our extensive client base
  • Oracle Forms and PL/SQL code conversion to newer releases of Oracle Forms
  • Preparation of Business, Marketing and Sales Plans

"To profitably provide world class services. Our working environment encourages employee self-expression, creativity, pride, growth and loyalty. We are motivated to reach this goal through teamwork, honesty and through the respect and esteem in which we are held by our customers, our competition and ourselves."